Massachusetts State Festival


Winning Productions 1992 - Present

1992 Cambridge Rindge & Latin School Bravo Cappuccio
1992 Belmont H.S. Personal Effects
1992 (Alt) Lynn English H.S. Inherit the Wind
1993 Joseph Case H.S. (Swansea) Grapes of Wrath - Act 1
1993 Danvers H.S. Between Mouthfuls from "Confusions"
1993 (Alt) The Bromfield School To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday
1994 Hamilton Wenham Regional H.S. The Tower
1994 Belmont H.S. Laundry and Bourbon
1994 (Alt) Hingham H.S. Competition Piece
1995 Wilbraham & Monson Academy The Serpent
1995 Cambridge Rindge & Latin School Jeux de Massacre
1995  (Alt) BMC Durfee (Fall River)  Mariner
1996 Saugus H.S. The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales
1996 BMC Durfee (Fall River) Dancing at Lughnasa
1996 (Alt) Wilbraham & Monson Academy Joan: Variations on the Arc
1997 Acton Boxborough Regional H.S. A Fable
1997 Wilbraham & Monson Academy The Trojan Women
1997 (Alt) Peabody Veteran's Memorial H.S.  La Bete
1998 Lexington H.S. Kindred
1998 Reading Memorial H.S. Dogg's Hamlet
1998 (Alt) Marblehead H.S. The Elephant Man
1999 Lexington H.S. Blue Lips and Fingertips
1999 St. John's Prep A Girl's Guide to the Divine Comedy
1999  (Alt) Cambridge Rindge & Latin Land of the Astronauts
2000 Brockton H.S. Scenes From "Learn' Me Somethin'"
2000 Lexington H.S. Myth
2000  (Alt) The Bromfield School (Harvard) To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday
2001 St. John's Preparatory (Danvers) The Tempest
2001 Winthrop H.S. Bread and Roses
2001 (Alt) Lexington H.S. Winter's Fruit
The Bromfield School (Harvard) Acts & Contrition
2002 Hamilton Wenham Regional H.S. Cleveland
2002 (Alt) BMC Durfee H.S. The Kentucky Cycle, Part 1
2003 Middleboro H.S. Lily's Purple Plastic Purse
2003 Lexington H.S. The Accidents of Light
2003 (Alt) The Bromfield School (Harvard) Detective Sketches
2004 Sharon H.S. The Crane Wife
2004 St. John's Preparatory School The Miser
2004 (Alt) Joseph Case H.S. Metamorphoses
2005 Weston H.S. Escaping Alcestis
2005 St. John's Preparatory School (Danvers) The Bacchae of Euripides
2005 (Alt) Sharon H..S. Wiley and the Hairy Man
2006 Framingham H.S. Tales of Trickery
2006 Wellesley H.S. Der Wafflehaus, Ergo Leggo My Ego
2006 (Alt.) B.M.C. Durfee The Grapes of Wrath
2007 St. John's Preparatory School (Danvers) Peer Gynt
2007 Joseph Case H.S. (Swansea) Tales of the Arabian Nights
2007 (Alt.) Wellesley H.S. Dark of the Moon
2008 Westford H.S. Dancing at Lughnasa
2008 Nauset Regional H.S. The Laramie Project
2008 (Alt.) Weston H.S. Painting Provenence
2009 Hamilton Wenham Regional H.S. Wake Up, Jack
2009 St. John's Preparatory School The Tragedy of Richard III
2009 (Alternate discontinued) Nauset Regional H.S. Polaroid Stories
2010 Chelmsford H.S. Almost, Maine
2010 Wellesley High School Bludpayne VII: A Fistful of Bludpayne
2010 Westford Academy Chamber Music
2011 Hamilton Wenham Regional H.S. en velo
2011 Manchester Essex Regional High School The Complete History of America (abridged)
2011 Westford Academy J'Caes: The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
2012 Peabody Veteran's Memorial H.S. The Alchemy of Desire/ Dead Man's Blues
2012 St. John's Preparatory School Macbeth
2012 Westford Academy . The Hairy Ape
2013 Bourne H.S. The Children's Hour
2013 St. John's Preparatory School Metamorphoses
2013 Westford Academy Sonia Flew
2014 Joseph Case H.S. Anatomy of Grey
2014 St. John's Preparatory School bobrauschenbergamerica
2014 Westford Academy My Name is Asher Lev
2015 Danvers H.S. Tribes
2015 Westford Academy The Normal Heart
2015 Peabody Veterans Memorial H.S. Eurydice
2016 Framingham H.S. Sideways Stories From Wayside High
2016 Peabody Veterans Memorial H.S. The Long Christmas Ride Home
2016 Hamilton Wenham Regional H.S. W.A.S.P.








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